Preventative Care Program

In dentistry, the term “preventative care” encompasses a range of activities performed not only by your dentist, but also by you as well. A well-maintained smile is a happy smile indeed, and the maintenance of your teeth is based on a successful partnership between you and your dentist to keep your smile bright and strong.

On our end, we hope that you brush, floss, and rinse regularly – If you do not put in the effort required in the day to day, unwanted bacteria is given just the right amount of leeway it needs to cause you a range of problems, from cavities and decay to gum disease. In addition to dental problems, unchecked gum disease has been connected with health problems such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and stroke, as well as complications with diabetes and pregnancy.

At your biannual scheduled cleaning, we carefully screen for any and all irregularities. We also seek to empower our patients with whatever professional education we can pass on to them – from teaching your little ones the correct methods to properly brush and floss, to teaching our grown up patients how to best maintain their dental restorations.
We would love to work together with you and your family to keep those smiles happy and beautiful.