Preventative Procedures

Gum Treatments

Gum disease is actually one of the most common oral health problems adults face today. Through Dr. Gerov’s expertise in various proactive gum treatments and preventative measures, Dr. Gerov can help patients stop the unwanted bacteria that cause gum disease in its tracks. Studies have shown a connection between untreated gum disease and health problems […]

Initial Exam and Oral Cancer Screening

The American Dental Association estimates that every year, more than 30,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer. Of these 30,000, only half of patients diagnosed will survive for more than five years after diagnosis. Early detection is the key to successfully treating any type of cancer, and oral cancer is certainly no exception. That’s why […]

Preventative Care Program

In dentistry, the term “preventative care” encompasses a range of activities performed not only by your dentist, but also by you as well. A well-maintained smile is a happy smile indeed, and the maintenance of your teeth is based on a successful partnership between you and your dentist to keep your smile bright and strong. […]

Socket Preservation

Socket preservation (otherwise known as alveolar ridge preservation) is a procedure that goes hand in hand with tooth extraction, and is designed to reduce any bone loss that would eventually occur without the procedure. After a tooth is extracted, the jawbone has to be preserved in order to keep the socket in its original shape. […]