Dental Crowns

A dental crown, or a “cap” is a permanent covering fitted over a tooth that is either decayed, damaged or cracked. Crowns are an excellent option for those who wish to strengthen and beautify their smile in a way that both looks and feels like natural teeth.

Crowns are made of a range of different materials such as porcelain, acrylic, gold, resin, or a combination of these materials. Generally, porcelain is known to give the most natural appearance.
After taking a mold of your teeth, a highly specialized crown is expertly crafted from the desired material for the permanent crown.

Oftentimes, during the short 1 – 2 week interim while the permanent crown is being created, a temporary crown of acrylic resin will be placed onto the targeted tooth for safekeeping. On your next visit, once it is ensured the crown has a proper look and fit, Dr. Gerov precisely cements it into place.

Once cemented into place, the crown fully encases the entire visible portion of the tooth both at and above the gum line, for a natural feel and appearance. This process restores the tooth’s size, shape, and strength, as well as revitalizing the appearance of your smile.