Fillings are an extremely common way in which we restore portions of tooth structure that have been lost to decay or fracture.

In our state-of-the-art facility, the tooth is first cleaned of decay and then the filling is applied in order to replace the lost tooth enamel. The white filling, which is made of an incredibly resilient composite material, will restore your smile and teeth to a more natural look and feel as well as increasing the fractured or decayed tooth’s strength and durability. An additional advantage of composite is that it unlike the mercury and silver amalgam fillings, this material will not corrode over time.

In our office, we take the utmost care to keep patients as comfortable as possible throughout the filling process. Local anesthesia is expertly and patiently applied to our patients, who range in age from young to old. An added benefit to the materials we use is that there is less drilling required than with silver fillings. With tooth colored fillings, more of your own tooth is left after the process.

Additionally, composite materials will actually insulate the teeth from temperature changes, as silver fillings actually conduct heat and cold, which can cause pain. This is not to mention the increasingly evidential research that silver/mercury fillings may have a long-term negative effect on patients’ health.