About Dr. Diana Gerov DDS

Diana Gerov Dentist in Flushing

Dr. Diana Gerov practices the full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry. Her expertise ranges from fitting patients with expertly-crafted bridges, crowns, and veneers to ensuring the comfort of patients of all ages for standard procedures such as root canal, fillings, etc. Dr. Gerov is a proponent for the continuing pursuit of education and advances in technology, and thus the staff of Digital Dental Arts are all seasoned on the latest techniques, and the office is prepared with the finest in technology.

We seek not only to meet your needs but also to exceed your expectations of how beneficial and comfortable a visit to the dentist’s office can be. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in assessing and addressing what is (or is not!) necessary to bring your smile up to speed – as it is our hope for our patients that a properly-treated patient whose dental issues have been addressed should not experience a millisecond of self-consciousness when something inspires a genuine smile.

At Digital Dental Arts, we also offer the convenience of a bilingual office, as staff members are fluent in both English and Russian. Come see us!